Here’s a thing about Allison Argent.


I don’t hate her.

I’m frustrated as hell with her right now, but I don’t hate her.  

It frustrates me that she’s allowing herself to be manipulated, like Matt manipulated Jackson into being her grandfather’s fury.  She’s so intelligent and capable, if she took a step aside, she’d be able to see the manipulation for what it is.  But right now, she likes the feeling of vengeance, the purpose and power it’s giving her.

I hope that she listens to her father and her friends, and sees that she’s being manipulated.  I hope she comes off this vengeance kick.

Allison is not some horrible, evil person.  She’s a human being, a teenager with a lot of weight on her shoulders, that’s making bad choices.  This is something we all do sometimes.  Nobody’s perfect.

But right now, she’s at a crossroads.  She’s allowing her grandfather to push her down the darker path.  So far, she hasn’t killed anyone.  She’s come close, and she’s spilled innocent blood, but she hasn’t taken any lives.  She can still come back from this.

So, think twice before hating on Allison.  Don’t we all make bad decisions?  Shouldn’t we all get a second chance?

I’m frustrated as hell with her right now, and I want to smack her really hard, but I don’t hate her.

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    this is old, but thank god someone said it
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    Killing innocent teenagers with a smile on your face is NOT a mistake or a bad decision. It’s clearly going off the deep...
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    Agreed, totally. I really want Allison to be the one who rescues herself.
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    yeah i can see how either of those would be possible. it’s also hard to tell because lately we’ve had to infer...
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    Well I just Plain hate her :)
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