Can we talk some more about Stiles being a manipulative liar?


I mean, I ADORE Stiles. He’s pretty much my favorite character on Teen Wolf. But he’s also a manipulative liar.

Let’s look at his treatment of Lydia. Supposedly, Stiles cares about her a lot. He’s had a crush on her since primary school. Still, whenever he’s had the chance to tell her the truth about what’s happening around her and to her, he responds with misdirection and lies. He manipulates her. When Derek was planning to kill her, Stiles and Allison (and Jackson) worked together to lie and manipulate her, leading her all around the school, practically forcing her into the jeep and driving off without giving her any truthful answers. They lied about what was going on, until she was thoroughly spooked. Knowing the truth may have helped Lydia a lot, may have saved her a lot of pain and trauma, but Stiles intentionally kept her in the dark.

Let’s look at Danny for a second. Stiles said in season one, “Everyone likes Danny.” And he seems to think of Danny as a friend. That didn’t stop him from manipulating Danny into helping him.

Of course Stiles loves his dad. But there is nobody Stiles lies to more. Here’s a person in authority who could potentially help them out, and Stiles hides just about everything from his dad, lying and manipulating him.

I’m not saying that Stiles isn’t acting with good intentions. It’s clear he thinks that he’s protecting people by keeping the truth from them. But in reality he’s denying them the opportunity to protect themselves. Stiles is a teenager in over his head, and a human being making human mistakes. This is realistic, and very good characterization on the part of the writers. But Stiles isn’t just some sweet, nerdy, awkward boy with good intentions. He is also a lying manipulator with good intentions.

I love Stiles to pieces, but maybe we fanfiction writers should stop writing him as Mr. Perfect Flawless Supergenius. Stiles is beautifully flawed. And one of these days he’s going to dig himself so deep he won’t be able to get out by himself. And by that time he may have so alienated his loved ones that they’re not there to help him.

Just a few opinionated thoughts. Sorry.

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    OH GOD YES. Stiles’ protective instincts are pretty awesome. I love his hero complex. The idea that he must protect...
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    Notices that, yeah. Part of his charm, to me. Evil part.
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    I love Stiles because he’s that character who inexplicably feels the burden of responsibility for the people around him...
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    loool accurate. and of course i’ve forgotten that when i was actually stiles’s age i did in fact lie all the time,...
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    He’s also like a teenager? I think I lied almost as much as him, maybe more, when I was sixteen. Also, I think (although...
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    Yes. This. Just because you do shady things to protect people doesn’t mean it’s not actually shady. Like Scott trying to...
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    He lies, yes. But based solely on the fact that Stiles is trying to keep all the supernatural shit that’s going down a...
  17. pterawaters said: I’m of the opinion that almost every teenager’s first instinct is to lie, an instinct that not everyone grows out of. Stiles just puts more oomph into it than most, and I agree that it’s brilliant writing!