Okay so after going through and making caps, for reasons.

I noticed this. (I also noticed how sweet Allison and Stiles were during Erica’s freak out, and that they were the only ones to actually look sympathetic to the situation.)

But yes, Scott. His face. I like to think part of this face is because he’s gotten into the mentality of caring for other people, and since he can sense a lot of things with his werewolf-ness, he can probably tell that Erica is embarrassed, ashamed, etc.

But I also think it has something to do with he knows how it feels.

Before he was a werewolf he had severe asthma, just a walk through the woods with his best friend made him short of breath. So I think here he sort of empathizes with Erica because his health issue put him out as well.

Just think of how many times he had to leave lacrosse, how many things he never got to do, he was stuck to the bench because Coach probably was afraid of having some kid strike out in the middle of the field and be transported to the hospital.

I can bet he’s had severe reactions during gym, school, etc.

So he sees Erica, and he gets probably a wave of nostalgia because that used to be him and you can tell he wishes he could do something but he doesn’t know what because asthma and epilepsy aren’t the same, but I can bet some part of him tuned in to Erica, like some instinct to try and protect her, keep an eye on her, etc. Which is also why he caught on to her aura.

But yeah I just…noticed that look and got Scott feels. So. 


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