GOD watching the scene where Stiles and Allison stare out the front door windows at Team Leather Jacket and Stiles looks through the window and Derek looks back at him, but when we see Allison look out the window, we see her pretty reflection.

Ahh, this show.

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I think that you could say this is valid even without the shipping goggles. Because even though Stiles and Derek have problems within themselves that they have to deal with, they don’t focus on that. Derek and Stiles are unlike every other character on the show in that they don’t broadcast the issues that they fight within themselves. They push those problems to the side and focus on the problems that they feel they can do something about - the focus on protecting other people or going after the alpha or just figuring out what the hell is going on. 

Everyone else on the show, despite having other problems to deal with, have character arcs that are centered around issues that they have to fight within themselves. Scott’s story is about how he continues to try to find his place in the world - both as a werewolf and as a typical high school teenager. Allison’s is similar - of how she tries to find her place in her family and find her own set of morals. Jackson and Lydia both have the stories of outcasts, people who appear to fit in but who feel utterly alone.

But Derek and Stiles? Their stories center, mostly by their own choice, on how they can help and affect others. Stiles’ story is centered on how he can help Scott accomplish his story or how he can find out more information to help others. Derek’s story, by his own choice, revolves around how he can either form a new pack or lead a pack - whether it is the pack he has now or the unofficial one that no one wanted to acknowledge back in season one. 

So whether it is by choice or not, Derek and Stiles do mirror one another. Because they do not want to be defined by their own problems and want to be able to focus their energy on other things that they deem more important. 

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