theory: in lydia after dark, holland said that the name of ep 8 was a good hint as to what lydia is, and the title is “visionary.”* automatically i thought of some kind of psychic being, so i looked up mythical creatures who see/tell the future. i came up with “fae”. when i looked into fae mythology, the results described lydia:

  • tongues - the gift of tongues allows them to speak any language at will” which lydia has proved she can speak archaic latin because normal latin bored her - it came easy to her
  • possess emerald green eyes, translucent wings, and an unnatural beauty -  she obviously doesn’t have wings, but is portrayed as beautiful and has green eyes
  • weaknesses: Fae are very susceptible to shiny objects and are often seen dressed in sequins and gems. While this particular weakness does not incapacitate them, it could possibly be useful in distracting them - idk if this was just her being possessed, but in that ep where lydia randomly smashes a mirror in her sleep could be because of this, i don’t know
  •  frequently portrayed in the nude - we get a lot of naked lydia, esp the woods scene, holland has even complained about it (i’m not! haha)
  • however the most important is that fae posses the ability of Sight, also known as precognition. 

this is just what i’ve found when searching around and i’m sure theres more on fae and if anyone sees any other similarities let me know. i doubt it’s correct and most have agreed on banshee - so i guess we’ll see :) 

*edit: holland actually said ep 9 (ty anon), but lydia obvs can see some type of future somehow- so it’s still possible 


I don’t trust Stiles.

Because he is the one character the writers want us to trust. 

They have been emphasizing and reiterating and referencing all these reasons why Stiles should be trusted as a narrative tool - his isn’t being messed with mentally, he’s had no contact with the Alpha pack that fucks with memories (all the werewolves), he isn’t hallucinating (Allison), he isn’t losing time (Lydia). Every other character is having these things happen or are otherwise shrouded in mystery (i.e. Deaton and Morell). 

But not Stiles.

Not only that, but he’s become obviously and dramatically the head of all things “information.” From the bank research to dealing with the Darach and all its lore - Stiles is the one in charge. They keep making references to how he’s always been right before (see above) and gave us a list of 4 suspects that we are supposed to be working off of - Harris, Cora, Deaton and Lydia. 

And that last gif is basically a flashing sign of “No one listened to me before when I was right so you should all listen to me now!” 

Which is exactly why I don’t trust him.

The writers want us to trust him. They’ve made that glaringly obvious. All of the other teenagers are being messed with and all of the adults - including Derek - have elements of missing information or otherwise shadiness that tell us we can’t trust everything we know or that we think we know.

Except with Stiles.

Not to mention that he was alone in Derek’s loft with Peter Hale, who is just as shady-as-fuck this season as he’s always been - and given Stiles first reaction to Lydia losing time, it’s incredibly suspicious that Peter isn’t on his list. He’s also the most vulnerable out of all of them, as the human without immunity or intense training. Of course being the Sheriff’s son that is also in the know puts a giant target on his back.

This is not at all to say I think he’s the mastermind behind everything - or anything really. I think he’s just as much a pawn in this situation as the rest of them. Either he’s being controlled or his memories are being altered or something.

And I’ll say it again, Jeff’s favorite thing to do is wave his right hand loudly and obnoxiously over there while pulling off the season twist with his left. What we see is never what we get and there’s always a subplot that is really the most important one. 

And another thing - it’s always someone we know. We always meet all of the players early on in the season - Peter and Kate and Matt and Gerard…. and Lydia and Jackson and even Scott who have pulled off subplots all on their own.

EDIT: OKAY WOW. Just to clarify, I do. not. mean. that Stiles is pulling off the murders intentionally. At all. I think he cannot be trusted as a narrative tool - meaning they want us to believe everything he says and work off his theories - they want to throw us off.

Also, wouldn’t be just like Jeff though? For Stiles to be unaware that he’s doing it? or helping? Because they’re telling the whole plotline of figuring out who it is FROM his perspective. We’re supposed to go to him for guidance, as the viewer. Kind of like Derek going to Peter in season 1 for help figuring out who the Alpha is…

How did “Motel California” count as threefold deaths with four wolves?


Well, if you actually paid attention to “Motel California” a few nights ago, you’d have seen exactly how.

Yes, there were four wolves, but no not all of them tried to commit suicide. Point out any moment where Isaac was trying to kill himself. Any.

You can’t because he wasn’t. Only three wolves were trying to kill themselves. Ethan, Boyd, and Scott. Each one happened in three stages, too. Making them threefold deaths that way as well. Boyd: Vending machine, ice box, radio. Ethan: Back slip, unclawed hand trying to break out, man’s face trying to break out. Scott: Walked in on Allison and tried to sex her up, hallucinated his mother’s death, had a massive mental breakdown before he actually tried killing himself.

But the Darach wasn’t there to absorb the energy of the deaths.

I’m sorry, but did you see the scene with the explosion? The Darach was existing in the flames and heat. What’s something common about Ethan’s and Boyd’s attempts? The overheated heaters that were turning their containers red. Fire. Heat. What if the Darach was there? How though? What if the Darach is actually a spirit that died in a fire? Hm. You never know.

So yes, there were only three attempted assisted suicides, only three sacrifices, each happening in threefold themselves. Big shocker.

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Everything’s A Joke To Me: Kohlberg’s Scale and Where Kate Argent Falls


Most understand what a morally “grey” or “black and white” character is. It’s how complicated or simple the good and bad of their actions are and relates to how they view the world and judge the actions of others. This can make or break a character-make them interesting or boring, depending on who you are and what you like.

Kohlberg put morals onto a sliding scale, with 1 being the lowest (think criminals, young children, and animals) and 6 being the highest ( think Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ghandi).

For context, most normal functioning adults are stage 3 or 4. This, however, is Teen Wolf, where morals are loose or locked tight depending on the character. In this meta we’ll be exploring Kate Argent, the woman everyone loves to hate, and where she fits on this scale.

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Pesky Parallels


I know many of us have been more and more convinced that the Sterek parallels with Derek and Jennifer are deliberate. (sinyhale has a very persuasive vid here.)

But it’s not just Sterek parallels. There are a lot of Kate parallels, too.

Even though it is not actually canon, Nancy Holder’s novel On Fire is as near as dammit until Jeff changes his mind. I don’t think it’s been contradicted in the show that Kate was a substitute teacher when Derek met her. And there were so many things in the last episode that set off creepy Kate vibes, holy cats.

The most glaring thing is the way Jennifer removed Derek’s shirt and immediately made a comment about his physique. While he was injured. And then she put her head on his chest. And I was reminded of the way Kate talked to Derek when she had him strung up in the basement of his burnt-out house and licked up his abdomen. He was injured and shirtless and immobilized then, too.

If Jennifer really did get into bed with Derek before he was healed—while he had gaping, bleeding wounds—there’s a similar “ick” factor, because having sex with someone who is injured that badly is just as epically bad an idea as a woman in her twenties having sex with a fifteen-year-old. No, they’re not the same kind of ick, but the fact remains that both circumstances are just wrong. In both cases, Derek wasn’t in a position to be thinking clearly about what was happening and his judgement was compromised.

The last scene, when Jennifer is standing behind Derek and he turns his head to kiss her, is a standard romance novel cover kind of pose, only Derek is positioned where we normally see the woman. Jennifer is occupying the power position usually taken by the man, and she’s controlling that situation just the way Kate, because she was an adult and Derek was fifteen, was in control of the relationship with Derek. Both Jennifer and Kate took advantage of Derek’s vulnerability to get him into bed,

Now, I don’t know if Jennifer is the one doing the manipulating or if she’s being manipulated, but several things in the editing and cinematography of the scenes at Derek’s loft indicate that SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT, HERE. (see this post by ladyw1nter, and my commentary, for a detailed explanation) Between the Sterek parallels and the Kate parallels, I’m pretty sure that either the Darach or Deucalion are pulling things from Derek’s mind for some fell purpose, and given that everybody in this ep is revisiting old traumas—Isaac is having flashbacks to his dad and the freezer, Lydia’s hearing voices that aren’t there, Boyd is all alone again and reliving his sister’s disappearance, Scott is back to having serious issues with his wolvlihood and wants to go back to the way he was before the bite, and Stiles is teetering on the edge of a breakdown again—it makes sense for Jennifer to be something that the Darach is using to hit Derek with echoes of Kate.